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Pizzas | Wings | Salads


Our passion is pizza! Our purpose is crafting a pizza that will help you and your family to create moments together that will stay with you long after you’ve eaten your pizza pie. Since 2004, this has been what Charlie Mac’s is all about, and we have no plans of changing a thing!

Come create memories with us!


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Charlie Mac's Origins 

"Let's do this!"


Charlie Mac's was conceived on a rainy day, in a stuffy apartment on a carpeted floor, with a pad of paper, a bowl of stale pretzels, and a couple of beers. We sat on that itchy carpet and concocted what today are our signature menu items.

Our swirly, sweet, and tangy BBQ chicken and caramelized onion pizza will make your mouth water! The Queen Margherita, our take on the classic Margherita, combines mild, creamy fresh mozzarella, a burst of flavor with fresh basil, and a zip of salt with a hint of Parmesan cheese. Our Meat Lovers pizza, which is loaded with meaty goodness and topped with crispy salty bacon, is a pizza fit for a true carnivore! Fresh salads with crispy lettuce, brightly colored veggies, and tender juicy marinated chicken are perfectly paired with our homemade pita bread which is fluffy, sturdy, and just right for stuffing it with your salads or dipping it into your dressing.

"And we'll call it Charlie for my side and Mac's for your side." We looked at each other wide eyed, mouths agape, possibly drooling, pretzel crumbs everywhere and exclaimed, "Let's do this!" And yes, we high-fived. That rainy day was in the spring of 2004.

Hooray for lazy rainy days!

Store Hours:

Mon - Fri   4pm - 9pm    

Sat    11am - 9pm

Closed on Sundays

127 Rockingham Rd 

Hillside Plaza

Derry, NH 03038

Tel: (603) 965-4744


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